Metabolic training. That is a term that is thrown around a lot in the fitness industry. You hear it on infomercials. You see it in ads. You see that gyms offer metabolic classes. What the heck does it actually mean? Well when it comes down to it, I think what it actually means and what people think it does are two different concepts.

Over time I have started to dislike the use of the word Metabolic when it used to describe classes. The main reason is because it gives the idea that those are the “fat burning” classes. When you tell someone that you have Strength classes and Metabolic classes you are telling them that if they want to lose fat then they need to do the Metabolic classes.The problem with that is it simply isn’t the case.

The reason why what we call “Metabolic classes” work to burn fat is due to the energy expenditure put forth by working the muscles. Then you have the added effect of the recovery time in which your body is repairing and replenishing all those metabolically active cells. Now let’s consider what happens in a Strength class.

In a Strength session you will be using a higher percentage of your active muscles in the body. Secondly one of the responses to strength training is to wake up dormant muscle fibers thereby increasing the amount of metabolically active tissue. The more active tissues you have the more energy that is required to keep cranking. Basically you have now increased your metabolism. This will have very long lasting effects well past those of any “Metabolic” class. Plus the newly active muscle can then be called on during your speed days to increase the energy expenditure even more. That’s how we burn. That’s how we keep the fire burning longer.

So here at Training for Warriors Central you will not see a class labeled as a metabolic class. We believe ALL classes we offer are metabolic in nature. Getting stronger and getting more muscle active will not only in itself burn more fat but will allow you to get even more out of all of your workouts.

So if you want to get METABOLIC then go LIFT HEAVY and SPRINT ON and STOKE THAT FIRE!!!!!!!

Fitness Workout Lifting Sprinting

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