This post is something personal to me. This is something I wrote about 2 months ago after a rough night of sleep. I woke up the next day and put this into my laptop with the thought of using it as maybe a motivational message that I could tell. Well I put off telling it so I decided that I would just share it with everyone this way. So please excuse any grammar or errors. This was how I threw it together at the time.

The Extra Day 2

As I was lying in bed the other night and struggling with sleep I began to contemplate life. Mainly I began to think of my own mortality. How we all have a set time left. Then I asked myself the question “What if I could do something that may give me as many days as possible.” Obviously I am in the fitness business so naturally I began to look at my diet and activity levels. I figured I should be able to gain some days if I eat healthier and just live a healthier lifestyle.

But how many? What if it was just one? Would it be worth eating better and staying in better shape? Would it be worth it to make a few better choices? To have only one beer instead of two. To eat real food every chance I have. To stay away from fast food. Would that be worth one day? As I lay there thinking of that answer I thought of my wife in bed next to me. I thought of my son sleeping in his room. Then the answer was easy.  

You’re Damn Right.

I would choose the extra day. I will choose any day that I get to spend with those I love. I will choose seeing my son grow up. Seeing him become a Father. Seeing his children grow up. What if that day is the day I would become a Great Grandfather. I choose that day. Yes, sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes its just not in the cards. But to me I will do what I can to control what I can.

That is to me the epitome of what we do here at TFW Central. We are not here to tell you to do anything. We aren’t here to force you to eat healthy or to work out more. We are here to provide you with the knowledge, the atmosphere, and the motivation to make that Choice.

Let’s be honest, we all want to not only set a good example for our kids, but also be fit and healthy enough to keep up in a fast paced world and make decisions from a position of power.  Are you thinking about making this Choice?

In return for making this Choice and putting in the work, the reward will be another level of confidence and self-belief, a focused mind, and a stronger, healthier body.

If you are, and you’re a man that’s sick of doing nothing, or bored with regular gyms and working out on your own then you’re primed and ready for our upcoming 6 Week MANsformation Challenge, starting May 17.  

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