We are results based

You don’t have to be in amazing shape or an elite athlete to join TFW Central and get amazing results from our system.

All you need is a vision. You need to visualize how you want to look and feel. You need to see yourself having those things. You need your “why”.

Then, you need to take ACTION and let our system do the rest.

We are looking for “action takers” – REAL PEOPLE who want REAL RESULTS without having to spend hour after hour in the gym, running on the “hamster wheel” or following some obsessive, confusing, restrictive diet that isn’t sustainable.

We have a proven SYSTEM that incorporates fun, efficient, effective workouts as well as the nutritional support and accountability you need to make fitness a lifestyle.

Check out some of the videos and photos of our real clients to see what some of our “action takers” have to say about TFW-C.

Kripa Nithya

Office Administrator

Lost 12 Pounds and 6% Body Fat

” Whenever I joined I was looking for a place I could stay active at over the winter and be around like minded people. It ended up being a lot more than that. The program built me up instead of tearing me down. I have worked with other trainers and done other programs but this program was by far the best. Not only have I lost weight and body fat but I have even improved my blood oxygen levels. This place is amazing.”



“It is hard to put into words what Training For Warriors means to me.  I spent most of my life being fat or going on unhealthy diets and feeling bad about my appearance.  Training For Warriors is the first gym I have been to that makes me feel like part of a family.  I feel like I can be myself and that I am growing every time I walk away from a workout.  I have found a place that makes me want to work out every day and become a better version of who I am.  The guys and familia at TFW are a true motivator.  The results speak for themselves!”


Washington University – St. Louis

“I can honestly say that I have never been into fitness. I liked the idea of losing weight and being strong, but not enough to do anything about it. Finding TFW changed everything. Zach and Scotty are more than coaches. They are mentors. They are guides. They are the people who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. They have created a place that is truly remarkable in a sea of options. They showed me that this is my place. The place that focuses less on building strength and more on discovering the strength that was inside you all along.”



Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at local University

Down 30bs since joining the TFW 8 Week Challenge

“Right now I have no words to describe how grateful I am to have found TFW.  It has totally changed my life and given me a whole new group of friends”


Tech Wizard

“When I started about a year ago I had not worked out in a structured fashion for at least five years. My wife mentioned wanting to try TFW and being the skeptic I said I would check it out first before any commitment. I immediately enjoyed the coach led classes and the variety of moves that set the tone for each week. Each new month is a new set of moves and goals that easily keep me motivated and provide the variety that I crave.

Over the first few months I lost roughly 8lbs even though that wasn’t my primary focus. Since then I have added about 5lbs in muscle mass which I haven’t had in over 20 years. I can honestly say that there are times when I don’t feel like working out but I’m glad I show up because the coaches and fellow members (the TFW Familia as we are known) shift my attitude in a positive way every single time. We are one group that motivates one another and that is how we all grow in mind, body and spirit.

I’ve worked out at various places in the past that feel like every gym – TFW Central feels like home and I’m here to stay.

I can’t thank the coaches at TFW enough for creating this inspiring environment. Give TFW a try – it is training that you won’t regret”.



“Thank you Training For Warriors for being so encouraging EVERY TIME I workout.  The coaches believe in me and make me feel so good about myself! I’ve cried so many tears of joy since becoming a part of TFW – they have changed my life!”

Mark Albenesius

IT Director

“I came to TFW Central looking for something new. I’ve always been strong, but since I work from home, I struggled with my weight. Since joining TFW-C, I have found what I was looking for. I’m putting more weight on the bar and have less weight on my body.”


Massage Therapist

“My time at TFW has been awesome!  I’ve always known I needed to workout and have tried other programs.  The Coaches and workouts here are the best I’ve seen.  I finally feel like I’ve found my 3rd place; a place away from home and work where I can come and work on ME!”


Full Time Nanny

“Training For Warriors has totally changed my life.  I’m down 23lbs – I’m stronger and I feel better about ME than I have in years.  The investment in my health has been more than worth it.  Actually, I think I save money every month now that I’ve developed new, healthy habits that keep me in line with my goals.  I never knew I had this inside me; a WARRIOR!”  


Physical Therapist

Down 17lbs and 5% body fat during the TFW 8 Week Challenge

“I knew I needed to do something to get in shape but I just couldn’t get started. I’m so glad I found TFW Central. It’s just what I needed to kick me into gear and get me on a lifetime path of healthy eating, exercise, and a good mental mindset. TFW is such a well rounded program and a warm, friendly place. It’s not intimidating at all. The coaches have given me the personal attention that I need and have helped me to work and progress at my level. I’m surprising myself with the things I can do!”


“I’m down 30 pounds since I started TFW. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been; I have more energy; and a better attitude about life in general. I was the person who always thought, Oh, I can’t do that, I’m not fit enough. Now, I know I can try anything!”


Mother and Entrepreneur

“Wow, what a difference a year and some hard work at TFW can make!

I am so pumped! I feel like I am in such a good place with my fitness and eating habits!”