At TFW, we like to say that consistency is the most important variable in training – and in getting great results.  Also, we are quick to point out that results come in different forms for different people.

For some, losing 20lbs might mean great results.

For others, gaining 5lbs of lean muscle while weighing the same might mean great results.

These are just two, of many, possible scenarios.  But both add up to the same thing, which is Feeling good about yourself.  

Today, we have a quick testimonial from a student at TFW.  Ben has been training with our system consistently for almost 1 year.  As you’ll read, Ben feels pretty good about where he’s at now compared to when he started.

“When I started about a year ago I had not worked out in a structured fashion for at least five years. My wife mentioned wanting to try TFW and being the skeptic I said I would check it out first before any commitment. I immediately enjoyed the coach led classes and the variety of moves that set the tone for each week. Each new month is a new set of moves and goals that easily keep me motivated and provide the variety that I crave.

Over the first few months I lost roughly 8lbs even though that wasn’t my primary focus. Since then I have added about 5lbs in muscle mass which I haven’t had in over 20 years. I can honestly say that there are times when I don’t feel like working out but I’m glad I show up because the coaches and fellow members (the TFW Familia as we are known) shift my attitude in a positive way every single time. We are one group that motivates one another and that is how we all grow in mind, body and spirit.

I’ve worked out at various places in the past that feel like every gym – TFW Central feels like home and I’m here to stay.

I can’t thank the coaches at TFW enough for creating this inspiring environment. Give TFW a try – it is training that you won’t regret”.

Are you looking for a positive environment to begin your fitness journey? Our next 8 Week Challenge kicks off May 15th. Click below for more info.


Stay Strong,

Zach Brace – Owner, TFW Central