So the other day I was needing to go down to Kirkwood from the Dojo in Webster. I had never driven from there to Kirkwood but I knew which way I needed to go and I knew of a couple routes I could take. The thing is I like being efficient therefore I opened up google maps and let them do the work for me. They are pretty good at it.

So to get to the point we all have an idea of which direction we want to go. Most of us know of a few ways we can get there but we all need to have a plan. So instead of just hopping on the road and not knowing where you are going get a map and have a plan.

This is where a training plan comes in handy. We all know we need to work out. We all know of a lot of ways we can. We could all just go to the gym and work out. Problem is if we don’t have a plan and a route in place who knows when or if you will get to your destination.

So if you are trying to get somewhere and you don’t know the way save yourself some time and trouble and find someone who can show you the way.

The direction isn’t enough. Know your route.

Scotty Barnes, CSCS