vacationYep, it’s Summer

Are you thinking about taking a “vacation” from the gym?

Have wine, beer, dip and chips replaced your water, lean meats and veggies?

A lot of people tend to “pump the brakes” for the months of July and August in regards to their health and fitness

Let’s face it.  We get busier when it warms up.  And we tend to prioritize other “summertime” things

Between family doings, social obligations, and a genuine need to just chill, consistently making it to the gym can be hard.  Especially for those who aren’t big on finding their own ways to stay active and accountable

But that doesn’t mean you just bag it for a couple months

You should NEVER stop trying to improve your health and fitness…NEVER

I don’t care what month of the year it is…you should ALWAYS be challenging yourself physically.  We know what happens to people who don’t

They get soft

They get weak

They Yo-Yo up and down

They regret it down the road, guaranteed

Sure, some months may be better than others, but the important thing is to keep taking consistent ACTION.

Keep showing up.

Keep challenging your body consistently over time and watch what happens.

This alone can be the difference between you being 20lbs overweight, or 20lbs lighter than everyone else like you.

Even if you’re struggling with results…

You can still show up

No one is too busy to exercise.  Audit your days/weeks and prioritize it.  End of story

You’ll thank yourself in the Fall, when you’re contemplating your next big goal instead of wondering if you’ve fallen too “out of shape” to jump back in

How much more effective are you as a person, employee, father or mother when you’re in good physical condition?

How much more confident are you when you feel good about your fitness? 

Whatever you do…DON’T STOP NOW

Set a Summer goal…

Step up your workouts…

Step up your nutrition…

Recruit someone to hold you accountable (like us here at TFW-C)

In other words…STEP UP and keep taking consistent ACTION.

If you want help with making this summer your strongest summer, join us here at TFW Central

THIS Summer sets up NEXT Summer, and so on and so on…

Don’t wait till Fall

Coach Zach – TFW Central