How many have you seen the movie “ What About Bob?” It stars Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. In the movie Bill Murray’s character Bob is a guy who needs help coping with stress by seeing a psychiatrist who is played by Dreyfuss. Bob’s problem is when things get too crazy he freaks out. He can’t handle having a lot of things coming at him at once. Dreyfuss helps Bob by having him take baby steps when he gets himself into these situations. He tells him to solve one little problem at a time. By doing this Bob is able to solve larger problems one of which includes diffusing a bomb strapped to him.

So how many of you are like Bob? You have big goals you want to accomplish but sometimes they seem impossible? Use what Bob did and take baby steps. Think to yourself “ what is the one thing I could do RIGHT now?” A bunch of baby steps taken one at a time is much easier than trying to take a massive leap and hope you get there. If you want to lose 20 pounds you have to lose 1 first. If you want to lift 50 more pounds you have to lift 1 more first. If you want to paint your house you have to start with one stroke of the brush.

Baby Steps, Bob. Baby Steps.

Scotty Barnes, CSCS

P.S. If you haven’t seen the movie do yourself a favor and do so.