We are different

About Training for Warriors

Bringing Out the Warrior Within

TFW is different than most fitness programs. While most programs seem to be created for losing some quick weight, the promise of bigger arms, or a scam to part someone with his or her money, TFW was created as a fitness and lifestyle guide to help people find their way. This system is a combination of physical fitness and philosophy designed to produce powerful results and help every person find untapped greatness inside them.

About Training for Warriors Central

Training for fitness and life

At TFW Central, we think about things differently and are not your typical gym. We are a DOJO. The concept of the DOJO comes from the martial arts, where students learn valuable lessons in mastery, discipline and self motivation. In our system, we take these lessons and apply them to fitness; creating a new martial art – the martial art of working out!

At TFW Central, we don’t just exercise or work out. We TRAIN. We train for physical fitness, mobility and strength. We don’t train to be in muscle competitions or become “the biggest loser”. We train to be WINNERS. Our coaches bring out the best in each of our students beyond just becoming fit. The training at TFW Central uses success in the DOJO to prepare our students to be braver, stronger and better at all they do at work, home and in their community. Our passion is inspiring people to look and feel their best – and to use that to go out and make a difference in the world.