I wanted to share this quick insight, as I was thinking today about the concept of feeling “stuck”.

As a small business owner, I often feel “stuck” when hours, days, sometimes weeks go by and no one shows interest in joining TFW Central.  One would think that with our people, our workouts and the results we produce, folks would be standing in line to get in.  But that simply isn’t the case.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s not only okay, but it’s probably the way it NEEDS TO BE, for now.

Here’s why…

Sometimes in business we have more ideas than we have time, money or resources to execute on.  We often blame that “stuck” feeling on a lack of these things.  We automatically think if we had more money, more time, more resources RIGHT NOW, we could do more things to help build our businesses RIGHT NOW.

But I don’t think it really works like that.  It’s more of a process.

Think about it like this…

If all that time, money and resource just fell into our laps, we wouldn’t need to grow and develop any skills to help us over the long haul.  There would be no struggle, no challenges to overcome and nothing would be learned.  We wouldn’t need to be creative, we wouldn’t build character and we wouldn’t grow.  And when all that “free” time, money, and resource is gone, we may be right back where we started without any new knowledge or skills to help dig us out, again.

I think this lesson can be applied to our health and fitness, too…

Many people feel “stuck” and start looking for a quick fix, a new diet, or a pill that will help them look and feel the way they want RIGHT NOW.  But again, I don’t think it works that way.  Much like growing a business, improving our health and reaching our fitness goals is a process.  If losing fat, building muscle and feeling better again was as easy as snapping our fingers, there would be no struggle or challenges to force us to learn and grow the skills needed to make sustainable progress.  If it was just given to us then taken away, how would we get it back?  We simply wouldn’t know what to do.

Is this you or someone you know?  If so, consider these 4 steps to getting “unstuck”


Once you accept where you are and remove the shame from the situation, it’s much easier to fix it. Instead of hiding your flaws, spend some effort to remove them.  It is actually much harder to conceal than it is to correct.


Planning is the best way to manage change.  Map out a course to get from where you are to where you want to go.  Keep your plan lean and don’t incorporate anything you know you won’t do.


Our words might say what we like, our dreams might say what we want, but our ACTIONS will ultimately determine what we get.  One sure fire way to get “unstuck” is to get “in gear” and start moving.  Incorporate daily actions that move you forward and watch what happens.  A little on top of a little eventually becomes a lot.


Plowing ahead without looking back will usually land you in “stuck” mode.  Always assume that things will change.  Take the occasional “time out” to reflect on your effort, your results and the things in your life that affect your plan so you have a chance to re-charge, celebrate success and adjust things accordingly before starting again.

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling stuck, remember that as long as you’re growing and developing(possibly through the 4 steps listed above), that’s a good thing.

Maybe the reason you don’t look and feel the way you want to RIGHT NOW is because you’re not ready for it, yet.

Maybe you’re still working on it; day in and day out.

Maybe your big breakthrough is closer than you think!

All the best,

Zach Brace




Owner -TFW Central

P.S. Was this read useful?  If you’re feeling stuck in your fitness, nutrition or self confidence, TFW Central can help.  Contact us HERE to take the first step.