our trial period sets you up for success!



  • 30 DAYS OF UNLIMITED CLASSES AT TFW CENTRAL– Our workouts give you more in 1 hour than most 2+ hour workouts can … (and it’s not because it’s “HARD” … the key is in the quality and exercise selection).
  • ELITE LEVEL COACHING AND MOTIVATION – Our coaches won’t move in with you but they’re relentlessly committed to helping you get the results you want as fast as possible.
  • Our “WARRIOR 20” NUTRITIONAL GUIDE – We don’t use “diets” that are too strict to sustain. Our nutritional guide, along with your initial assessment and weekly check-ins with your accountability coach, will help you to understand what to eat, when and how much for your goals.  
  • GOAL SETTING, SUPPORT, AND ACCOUNTABILITY – You won’t be in this alone. We have a powerful community of like-minded people there to keep you on track, motivated, and constantly progressing. From your initial assessment to your weekly check-ins with your accountability coach – we’re in this together.
  • CLARITY AND CERTAINTY FROM  A PROVEN, RESULTS BASED SYSTEM – Avoid the stress of doing another gimmicky exercise/nutrition program that just wastes your time and money – and doesn’t get the results you want.


Our 30 Day Trial is a great way to kickstart a new fitness routine or add some variety to an existing one.

Unlimited strength and conditioning classes, nutritional guidance, and 24/7 support from your own TFW coach = a results based system that sets you up for SUCCESS. 

Fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information. There is no obligation to participate by signing up.  This is just the first step in seeing if you’re a good fit for our system.

Your path to a healthier, stronger lifestyle starts here!

Sign up today to get more information about the TFW Central 30 Day Trial – It’ll be the best investment you make in 2020.


 our trial period sets you up for success!


Are you looking for a place you can go to work on YOU, without having to worry about what to do, or if you are doing things the right way? 

If you know anything about our little gym, you know that we fight the “good fight” of fitness. This means doing things the right way and having systems in place to do what all good fitness businesses should do … set their members up for success!

How about this? Are you looking for a place that isn’t intimidating, but will challenge you and hold you accountable to your goals? 

At TFW, we offer safe and structured strength and conditioning workouts, professional nutritional guidance, along with built-in goal setting and accountability systems that help you stay on point. Plus, outstanding coaching staff and a community of like-minded people are there to support you along the way.

Our trial period sets you up for better results and more success here at TFW.  These people did it, you can too!